Essential Career Development Techniques for Managers

Published: 20th August 2009
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Learning something new and advancing in career has become need of the hour in order to stay competitive in the current global recession. Hiring managers are looking for workforce that has more to offer so they can bring the companies out of the crunch. Career development is also essential to avoid layoffs. This means acquiring new skills in the following important areas:

Time Management
Time management is all about monitoring and controlling your activities in order to save a precious resource - time. Start the day by making a to-do list and prioritize each task. Assign expected completion time to each task and stick to it. Time is often wasted by carrying out personal tasks at work. Avoid this so you can have more time available to finish your to-do list.

A good manager has to be a good leader. In order to lead your employees you need to be assertive, energetic, enthusiastic, a good decision-maker, have effective communication skills and a team player.

Team building
Find out your subordiantes' potentials and assign appropriate tasks to each person. Make room for activities where your team can communicate with each other and develop good relationships so thay can work more effectively together.

Managers are generally not as good listeners as they think they are. While listening, emphasize more on 'reflecting' and less on 'advising'. Practice this with employees to learn more about them and also to develop better relationships with them. Effectiveness at work will increase as a result of improved communication between managers and subordinates.

Decision Making
Decision making can be hard. Good managers are those who take the right decisions at the right time. Identify the problem clearly, list down alternatives and then evaluate each alternative in terms of the consequences that might be faced. After you have taken the decision, analyze the outcome to check effectiveness.

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